Personal Training

Our personal training staff is the best of the best; trained to help our clients crush their fitness goals and ensure that members get the absolute most our of their memberships. To get to know us a little bit better come in for an Intro Session. It’s on the house.

An Intro Session is where you will meet with one of our Fitness Managers to determine a game plan to achieve the fitness and health changes you desire. First, the Fitness Manager will learn more about you, your fitness history, and your specific goals. You will learn what changes need to occur in your body to attain and maintain the goals you set out. You will learn how different activities in the gym will lead to these changes, set out a timeline for the changes, and learn about what mistakes will often prevent the progress you want to make. You will then go through a brief workout, to determine your current fitness level, as well as identifying any areas that may need correction, in order to attain your goals. The Fitness Manager will pair you with a personal trainer that he/she thinks is best suited to help you meet these goals and go over possible training packages with you.

Personal Trainers are assigned based on you scheduling needs, specific goals, and preferences. All programs include scripted workouts, general nutrition coaching, and monthly evaluations. Our trainers are all required to maintain a national PT certification, and regularly participate in continuing education, to assist you in reaching your goals, with the most modern and cutting-edge techniques.

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