The founders of Smart Gym have extensive history within the fitness and personal training industry. We’ve used this expertise to identify a missing link in the variety of health clubs available to the public. Currently, you are met with only two options: full-service health clubs or a pricey boutique fitness gym.


We built a gym for real clients that will change the industry by utilizing our extensive knowledge of the current member experience and also the most important metric – what do our members truly want? This highly-developed new model not only gives you the tools you want, but can also change your life with the dramatic results you can achieve. Smart Gym provides a new solution: a cutting-edge, high-intensity XGT group fitness class coupled with a high-end boutique health club available for a price point that is actually attainable. Smart Gym’s innovative model allows everyone to participate in what is typically a pricey product – this way, you can achieve the best results without breaking the bank!


Now remember, we’re still like a normal gym — but way cooler. Imagine crushing your fitness goals in one of the most fun and intense group training classes and then spending the days you don’t attend your XGT class enjoying our full service gym. Our cardio equipment, tanning, personal training, Hydro Massage and a full line of strength training equipment and free weights are always available! If you already have a fitness routine that you love, we’re here to offer equipment and our friendly fitness staff can always answer your toughest fitness questions.

Our number one goal here at Smart Gym is to get you the real fitness goals you want and deserve.
So what are you waiting for? Come over to say hi and try us out for free! If you want to get in the best shape of your life you’ll need to work out SMART!


Even we need rules.

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